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11/28/2013 11/28/2013

Turkey Day

T. Wayne’s BBQ will be closed on Thanksgiving.

Location : T. Wayne's

01/10/2014 01/10/2014

28 Between 1/10/14

Location : T. Wayne's

01/16/2014 01/16/2014

David Cooley 1/16

Location : T. Wayne's BBQ

01/17/2014 01/17/2014

Aaron Garrett 1/17

Location : T. Wayne's BBQ

01/18/2014 01/18/2014

Tommy, Scott & Roger 1/18

Location : T. Wayne's BBQ

01/24/2014 01/24/2014

Billy Droze 1/24

Location : T. Wayne's BBQ

01/25/2014 01/25/2014

Neil Dover 1/25

Location : T. Wayne's BBQ

01/31/2014 01/31/2014

Ricky & Johnny Duo 1/31

Location : T. Wayne's BBQ

02/06/2014 02/06/2014

Jesse DeBerry 02/06/14

This will be Jesse’s first night to perform after doing a very good open mic night. Glad to have Jesse to entertain us.!

Location : T. Wayne's BBQ

02/07/2014 02/07/2014

John Joiner 02/07/14

John’s one of the best singer songwriters around and adds some really classic tunes that nobody else ever thought about doing. He spent several years with the Bellamy Brothers and is back for the 3rd time at T. Wayne’s. You don’t want to miss this event.

Location : UnknownT. Wayne's BBQ

02/07/2014 - 03/07/2014 02/07/2014 - 03/07/2014

Teresa & Mike 03/07/14

Teresa & Mike cover just about every genre you can think of hearing. Teresa has a fabulous voice, while Mike plays a wonderful acoustic support role. Get out of the house and check them out!

Location : T. Wayne's BBQ

02/08/2014 02/08/2014

Tommy, Scott & Roger 02/08/14

We’re so glad to have this trio back. We’ve had them twice and want them monthly! If you like great music, a good time and a great crowd, show up Saturday night!

Location : UnknownT. Wayne's BBQ

02/13/2014 02/13/2014

Neil Dover 02/13/14

Singer/songwriter Neil Dover is back on Th, 2/13 & Fri 2/14. Neil loves the country music, so put on your boots and kick it up with us.

Location : UnknowT. Wayne's BBQn

02/14/2014 02/14/2014

Neil Dover 02/14/14

Neil will be playing some country loves songs for half the night and then doing his own thing. Come out and and show your love to the one you love.

Location : UnknownT. Waynes BBQ

02/15/2014 02/15/2014

Jimmy Davies 02/15/14

We’re juiced about having Jimmy back with us! Soulful, funny and quite the talent. See you on 2/15!

Location : UnknownT. Wayne's BBQ

02/20/2014 02/20/2014

Rick Carter 02/20/14

Always glad to have Rick entertain us! One of the best around. Enough said!

Location : UnknownT. Wayne's BBQ

02/21/2014 02/21/2014

Kendra Sutton & Mark Mizzell 02/21/14

Come catch a night of great vocals, musicianship and overall great time! They’re booked next month as well!

Location : T. Wayne's BBQ

02/22/2014 02/22/2014

John Joiner 02/22/14

Yes, we have him back! If you haven’t seen him, you’re missing the real McCoy!

Location : T. Wayne's BBQ

02/28/2014 02/28/2014

Honey Boy & Boots 02/28/14

Courtney & Drew Blackwell have been touring and sharing their unique combination of acoustic guitar, cello, great vocals & terrific songwriting. It’s not often they get to Birmingham, so come out and enjoy yourself and support the music!

Location : T. ayne's BBQ

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